About Us

As a native of Toronto, Ontario, my family and I have called Waterloo, Ontario home for 14 years.

I am an accomplished interior decorator, and the head of this boutique, full-service interior design and renovation firm. We focus on residential renovation projects with an emphasis on the heart of the home, the kitchen – but for many of our clients it does not stop there. I truly understand the business of Interior design and bring many years of business processes experience to the job, and have used this experience to design a very simple model that works well.

For over a decade, I have worked alongside my dedicated team of formally educated architects, designers, and expert crafts and trades people to manage the interior design process from conception to white-glove final installation.

My clients often refer to me as a master communicator, as I have a unique ability to understand and respond to their emotional and physical needs and aspirations for their homes. I come to the business of interior design by way of travels through the worlds of finance and international political economy, which on the surface may seem to have nothing to do with creating beautiful, and comfortable spaces, with just a hint of sophistication but they do.

From a young age, I was inspired by, lived and breathed beauty and these visceral experiences are reflected in my work.

As a young girl, I have fond memories of sifting through 1001 Decorating Ideas and Architectural Digest magazines while my friends ran around outside. And then again in high school, while my friends were out partying, I stayed home with my mom and older brother shifting furniture around to redecorate the rooms in our home. Success, even in these early days of decorating was defined more viscerally – it was that moment we sat back (on the periphery of the space) and just experienced it in all its glory.