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In our studio, every project benefits from the collective expertise of our six-person team. In 2023, we restructured our internal organization, transitioning from an approach where individual designers managed their projects to one centered around key functional areas: creative direction, technical drafting & building code compliance, financial project management & procurement, and general project management & on-site construction oversight. This shift has had a profound impact on delivering consistency, allowing each team member to focus on what they excel at and are passionate about. For our clients, this means they receive the specialized skills of each team member, with just the right level of collaboration to ensure we meet our shared goal.




We are sincere in our caring for people and can empathize with feelings of apprehension towards the design-build-renovate process. Expect alignment between our spoken word and our actions, as we work through the process of giving life to your dreams.



We care deeply about aligning with your vision and respecting your hard earned dollars. Regardless of project size, we believe in transparent communications, giving you control over your spending. We’re dedicated to continuous improvements for enhanced transparency in all of  our work.



We encourage transparency and open-minded collaboration in defining your design and comfort preferences.  Our environment fosters idea generation without judgment. Your needs and desires form the core of our work.  Share your ideal living space vision.  Together, we’ll craft environments that align everyday moments with these dreams.



Embracing a growth mindset as a core value reminds us that we, along with our clients and organization, are dynamic, not static. This prompts us to consider how we absorb knowledge and the actions we take to continuously enhance and broaden our capabilities. 

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The saying, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” rings true for Taylor. Her cherished childhood memories involve days in her mom’s design-filled office. Beyond their shared love for business, art, literature, and design, this mother-daughter duo exudes a palpable bond. They work seamlessly, often finishing each other’s sentences, to bring creative ideas and solutions to clients.

Andrea’s years of experience, industry relationships, and support for licensed professionals, paired with Taylor’s fresh design approach, create an exciting dynamic. Together, they bring unconventional creativity to design, renovation, build, and decorating projects.

Their engagements are anchored in honesty, integrity, humility, and accountability. Andrea and Taylor are loyal and dedicated to delivering high-quality work. They’re committed to helping clients create homes that enhance happiness, reflect values, personalities, and lifestyles, and support well-being rituals, bridging quality design with intentional living.


Every project showcased on our website represents our comprehensive approach to design and renovation. We are responsible for all aspects of these projects, from the initial conceptual design to the final build and finishing touches. Our team collaborates closely on each project to ensure a seamless blend of aesthetics, functionality, and craftsmanship. This includes space planning, interior design, material selection, construction management, and all the intricate details that bring each space to life. In short, if you see it on our site, it’s a testament to our team’s dedication and skill.

We recognize your need for support in creating and articulating your vision. We listen without judgement and amplify your needs in order to discover your version of true meaning of beauty for your home. You will find your “AHA” moment as we connect the dots between quality design and intentional living.

Most of the work we do is design-build, where the build is executed by our internal contracting crew and with our relationships with trusted sub-trades. We can also discuss working in an advisory capacity with our client’s contractor of choice.

While we are able to offer up high-level budgets at the front end of projects, we can only become more granular further into our design process. In order to do best by our clients however, it is central that we have insight into high-level budget range at the beginning of our engagement so that we are always ensuring to design in accordance with the desired spend.

Most of our work is based in Kitchener/Waterloo and the surrounding Tri-City area. We also work in parts of the province where our existing clients have second homes.  Additionally, We welcome work outside of the region and will travel for the right project. Please reach out to us.

In addition to the core of our work, which is large scale renovation, we offer what we refer to as “Design-Light”. Design Light essentially often entails light renovations, replacing flooring, trimwork, maybe some paint or paper, new lighting/furniture and furnishings specification, procurement and installation. We offer this service on a per room basis and at this time do not have the capacity to offer colour consultations as a stand alone service.

Our decision to partner with clients hinges on aligning with our core values and process. Successful projects are born from a mutual understanding and respect for our design-build approach. This process is intricate, often involving difficult decisions and trade-offs that require open, honest communication. Prospective clients must be willing to actively engage in our well-structured process and demonstrate the ability to make timely decisions, ensuring the project progresses smoothly. Beyond these fundamental aspects, we consider the scope of work and project timing to ensure we can deliver the highest standard of service.

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