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about us

Andrea Hylton Home supports established clients in creating spaces that encapsulate their values, personality and lifestyle. We are committed to improving your quality of life through improved utility, design and comfort.

We care deeply about aligning with you and your greater vision. We know that you may not be in a position to fully understand what is needed, which is why we support you in articulating and vividly reimagining your space.

We understand that you may feel apprehensive towards this process, which is why we place your needs, wants and desires at the core of everything we do. Integrity, honesty and humility inform all that we do, and because of this you can expect an environment free of judgment. We encourage you to be transparent and open-minded so you can define what design and comfort means to you. We are confident that we can help give life to your vision and connect the dots between quality design and intentional living.

Andrea & Taylor

The talented and innovative design team of Andrea and daughter Taylor work seamlessly to bring creative ideas and imaginative solutions to their clients based on a flow of open and honest communications.

Andrea’s many years of dedication, business experience, industry relationship building, and unwavering support of licensed professionals across all functional areas, paired with Taylor’s fresh, youthful, but well studied approach to design, is exciting to experience. Mother and daughter are unconventionally creative in the ways they bring their innate talents to the challenges of design, renovation and build projects. 

Engagements are anchored in integrity, humility, and accountability.  Andrea and Taylor are loyal and share a strong commitment to delivering a high quality of work and a dedication to improving one’s quality of life by connecting quality design with intentional living.

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design ethos

Beauty, at home, is achieved not only through well articulated interior architecture and the thoughtful curation of furniture and furnishings, all peacefully coexisting  to create an overall aesthetic, but also through without losing sight of the simple joy of living in a home that allows functional needs to be met with ease.


To create spaces that stand the test of time, we are intentional in the decisions we make. Our choices are always informed by quality and longevity, while honoring our clients unique design styles.


We all have romantic notions about how we want to live. You speak, we listen, then we cultivate residential environments that allow these dreams to flourish, and do so  in ways that bring everyday moments into alignment with these dreams.


We are responsible for all aspects of all of the work that appears on our site, from initial ideation to the final installation of furniture and furnishing. 

We arrange and manage the measuring of your home, the creation of stamped construction drawings, permit submission, work tender, assembling the team of sub trades to work with our general contracting group. Specification and procurement of all construction materials & furniture, furnishings and art.

Our roles in the jobs on our site are identified in the job brief.

We recognize your need for support in creating and articulating your vision. We listen without judgement and amplify your needs in order to discover your version of true meaning of beauty for your home. You will find your “AHA” moment as we connect the dots between quality design and intentional living.

Most of the work we do is design-build, where the build is executed by our internal contracting crew and with our relationships with trusted sub-trades. We can also discuss working in an advisory capacity with our client’s contractor of choice.

While we are able to offer up high-level budgets at the front end of projects, we can only become more granular further into our design process. In order to do best by our clients however, it is central that we have insight into high-level budget range at the beginning of our engagement so that we are always ensuring to design in accordance with the desired spend.

Most of our work is based in Kitchener/Waterloo and the surrounding Tri-City area. We also work in parts of the province where our existing clients have second homes.  Additionally, We welcome work outside of the region and will travel for the right project. Please reach out to us.

In addition to the core of our work, which is large scale renovation, we offer what we refer to as “Design-Light”. Design Light essentially often entails light renovations, replacing flooring, trimwork, maybe some paint or paper, new lighting/furniture and furnishings specification, procurement and installation. We offer this service on a per room basis and at this time do not have the capacity to offer colour consultations as a stand alone service.

The biggest factor that underlies successful projects for both parties is the alignment between client and the design-build team. While there are many factors around which to align, the two most central are; process and decision making.

The work we do is very intimate and costly and as such requires difficult discussions, decisions, and sometimes trade-offs – not only in terms of materials but also sometimes in favour of one partner over the other. Our well defined process was designed to navigate these challenging discussions in a constructive manner, so first and foremost prospective clients must commit to our process. And then clients must demonstrate the ability to make decisions in a manner that allows the process to proceed unimpeded by indecision. 

Beyond the above it comes down to scope of work and relative timing.