Andrea Hylton Home

Cairncroft Place

PROJECT: Basement Home Office/Lounge Build-Out 

SIZE:  sq. ft 

LOCATION: Waterloo, Ontario


These clients are empty-nesters who struggled with a common dilemma; move or renovate? Should they sell the home they raised their children in and purchase something new, or to stay in a neighbourhood they love with the many friends they’d collected over the decades?

Coffee table close-up featuring marble tissue box, books, metal and glass planters in foreground with red velvet bench and colourful artwork in background

Regardless of initial job scope, we like to completely redesign, all adjoining spaces up front and let our clients decide the pace at which to proceed. Doing so we find mitigates against any potential downstream financial and or aesthetic risk, like running a single type of flooring throughout a space as to not create visual breaks and/or too many flooring transitions.

Our clients treated themselves to a lovely piece of very colourful art for their living room and it was from this piece that the colour palate of the house flowed.