Design Portfolio – Lydia Street

Easy – this was so easy! Gorgeous – my house is so gorgeous!

I avoided renovating my house for the 14 years I’ve lived in it. I had updated small things, but having watched so many neighbours live through months & months of torture and decision making plus “surprise” cost overruns, I was out. I buried my head in the sand about the state of my 80yo floors, original light fixtures and damaged trim. The original gumwood was charming, but dark. When I finally couldn’t ignore the soft-spots in the floors and the sadness of the dark wood, I interviewed several of the BIG firms in town that so many neighbours had used, plus Andrea Hylton, on a friend’s recommendation.

Andrea was the only person that came to my home with enthusiasm, ideas and zero judgement about its state of affairs. She could see the potential and seemed genuinely interested in making it happen. When she promised it would be completed in eight weeks, I was skeptical and mentally prepared for twelve. When she promised I wouldn’t have to go to any stores or make any decisions, I was also skeptical and a little nervous about whether I could actually give up all control.

In the end, my beautiful renovation was done on the exact day it was meant to be done. Her whole team was excellent. The construction crew were kind, tidy and also seemed enthusiastic about working on the house. They all care very much about their reputation and the work they do. My home speaks for itself. When people say “oh, you must be so proud”, I have to say no – Andrea Hylton & Team should be. The choices they made the and work they put in to meet the deadline, is amazing. There wasn’t a single day (often including weekends) that something wasn’t happening at my house. I don’t have time to waste and either does Andrea – that’s the key to success. Letting Andrea run your entire renovation, from drawings to fluffing pillows, is the easiest, fastest and for me – most cost effective way to renovate. If I had to make choices, I know I would have wasted money and a ton of time.