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our 11 step process

We are equally committed to prioritizing beauty and function, so you can live in harmony with your home. We’re not just here to make things pretty, but rather to reimagine your spaces in a way where comfort and beauty can effortlessly coexist. We will meet you where you’re at so your spaces can be recreated with intention. We understand you may not know what you need, which is why we hold space for you to explore and define what beauty and function means to you.

designprocess 1


Initial Meeting

We start our client engagements with a 30 minute complimentary phone call. This is our opportunity to meet, learn about you, and discover if we’re a good fit.


Site Visit & Budget Discussion

We use our in-home visit as a time to gather and analyze information relevant to your project, such as your functional, behavioural, and cultural needs, aesthetic desires, and budget. During the walkthrough, we will also take many photos that will later become central to early concept development.


Architectural Technologist Visit

We will return again with our architectural technologist, who will spend a couple hours capturing the existing conditions of your home. These may include floor plans, vertical elevations, ceiling heights, plumbing and HVAC locations, chimneys, roof lines, and any other structural elements that may play a role in our future renovation plans.


High Level Ideation

In this first stage of the design process, we will be articulating our ideas by way of hand sketches and inspirational photos. This gives us the opportunity to check in, and converge on a global vision.


Initial Options Presentation

The initial options presentation will take place in our office. At this meeting we will talk through the viable options and the structural, functional, and aesthetic implications of each option. The intent is to come out of this meeting with a direction that we all love, and feel comfortable with.


Intermediate Presentation

This presentation will be a big one! We will present all of the proposed hardscape materials, furniture, and major furnishings. We will be able to discuss and make any iterations, in real time, together.


Contractor Caravan

Once the drawings are approved, our general contractor and sub-contractors have the opportunity to ensure that their high-level budgets align with the Construction and the Scope of Work Documents. We may require another site visit, to give the trades another chance to answer any of their outstanding questions about your home or the proposed plans.


Final Design & Budget Delivery

This presentation concludes our design process. We will review all design documents that have been created, with any final adjustments. We will also furnish you with your complete granular budget, where you will see all the decisions that we made together reflected.



We will secure all goods that have the potential to stand in the critical path of your job coming to a successful completion, this way we can be assured that there will be no re-work of the design due to the unavailability of items.



Our job is to ensure that construction proceeds as smoothly as possible, and in accordance with the design intent.



This is when your house will transform into a home. Lighting fixtures, window coverings, and art will be hung, rugs will be laid, furniture will be placed, and decor will be positioned.