Andrea Hylton Home

Robert Peel

Custom Millwork Furniture & Furnishing

Size: 1000  Square Feet 

Location: Kitchener, Ontario

Completion: 2016

Our client, a newly single artist embarked on a significant life change by purchasing a townhome in the pre-build stage. However, she found herself at a juncture where the complexities of dealing with the builder’s decision-making process felt overwhelming. She was faced with the challenge of distinguishing between standard, budget-friendly builder options and the often costly builder upgrades. Recognizing her need for support and advocacy, she enlisted our services to navigate this journey with the builder. Our strategy included utilizing the builder’s cabinetry for the exterior cabinets while creating a custom island to infuse a touch of individuality. The client’s excitement stemmed from the prospect of incorporating a distinctly feminine aesthetic that would serve as a captivating backdrop for her cherished art collection, creating a truly personal and inspiring living space.