Design Portfolio – Robert Peel Road

You want to talk about an absolute dream client? Like the vast majority of our clients, this client came to us by way of a referral. Our client was at a transition point in her life and simply did not have the fortitude to imagine what her new life and home were going to look like.

After purchasing her home, pre-construction, from a local home builder, she knew she would have somewhere to live but beyond that, everything else was up for grabs. After a quick telephone conversation where both sides could tell there was a connection, we ventured out to her builder’s design centre to initially scope out the offering and conduct some builder upgrade versus post-construction budget analysis and to get a sense of how amenable the builder would be to making floor plan changes. It was a good visit. We worked in concert with the builder’s design centre to make the changes necessary to the floor and lighting plans to reflect the way this very chic lady wanted to live. We upgraded through the builder where it made sense and then brought in our team to complete the project. By having the builder remove a closet on the main floor that was meant to create separation between kitchen/dining and living areas we opened the space and created a nice flow. In the kitchen dining area, rather than going with the traditional set up of small island, small dining table, we opted for a custom designed counter height dining island with plenty of space for two of the three only things that transitioned to her new home. Her beloved cookbook and pottery collections. We had not entered the phase of creating materials story boards for our client yet, we merely set out fabric and material swatches as a starting point around a discussion of the overall look and feel we were after – feminine chic! That’s where the conversation essentially ended. She wrote a check and said “I love it all and I trust you to do what needs to be done.” We had one request of this talented artist and graphic designer — create two large piece of art for the space, we gave her the dimensions and the rest was history! The third piece that transitioned to the house was her Noguchi coffee table, which we surrounded with custom upholstery and drapery. The result is a very pretty, bright, happy place within which to start the next phase of her life. Where there is this level of trust, and the autonomy to make the right decisions, things always end well.

I cannot say enough good things about working with Andrea. From the very first phone call to the big reveal, my experience with Andrea was amazing. Andrea actively listened and asked questions that drew out the details that make my home a perfect reflection of me. As an artist myself, I have a website of my work, Andrea was able to read the style and colour that was unique to me and put together ideas that perfectly captured everything I wanted. Although it was a leap of faith to move forward before actual storyboards, I had seen two previous clients and I knew Andrea would create something very special. Andrea took my ideas, added her sense of style and insight and created a place that is absolutely beautiful and that is incredibly personal for me. When I walk into my home, I think I am so lucky to have worked with such an exceptionally talented and intuitive designer.

Christine, Kitchener