Andrea Hylton Home

Roehampton Court

Complete Gut Remodel  with Complete Turnkey Installation 

Size: 3200  Square Feet 

Location: Kitchener, Ontario

Completion: 2019

Our complete home remodel for our client was a project deeply rooted in personal history and a bold vision for transformation. Having purchased her childhood home from her parents, she faced the challenge of a large home but impractical rooms that did not align with her functional needs or those of her young daughter. The house’s extreme compartmentalization, dated decor reminiscent of the early eighties, and its generally dark ambiance led many to advise her to sell and start anew. However, she engaged us after experiencing a home that we recently completed.  We knew with a bit of unconventional thinking that there was  an opportunity to breathe new life into this beloved space. With a creative approach and innovative solutions, we embarked on a journey to flip the script and make the seemingly impossible not only possible but truly extraordinary. The result was a home that not only met our client’s unique needs but also beautifully merged her cherished memories with a modern, functional, and inviting living environment.