Andrea Hylton Home

Weimar Line

PROJECT: Basement Home Office/Lounge Build-Out 

SIZE:  sq. ft 

LOCATION: Waterloo, Ontario


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Flat stock paneled wall molding painted Benjamin Moore Thunder and Deco-tile 8x48 ceramic looks like oak tile and Secretary Desk in ivory painted maple and Celedon abstract fossil artwok
132HyltonHouseWelles 132
137HyltonHouseWelles 137
140HyltonHouseWelles 140
213HyltonHouseWelles 213
Deco-tile 8x48 ceramic looks like oak tile and custom dining island painted Benjamin Moore black with quartz counter top and Ren-Wil steel cage chandeliers and Sunpan ivory leather bar stools and custom range hood in cold rolled steel blackened with linseed oil and custom sold walnut doors with reeded glass inserts
230HyltonHouseWelles 230
182HyltonHouseWelles 182
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077HyltonHouseWelles 078
007HyltonHouseWelles 007
Deco Tile denim penny tile and black resin bathroom accessories and natural wood toothbrushes and rosehip berries
Woeller vinyl wallcovering in Denim and Bed Bath and Beyond teak bench and Deco Tile polished porcelain statuario 12x24 tile floor
274HyltonHouseWelles 274
weimar line 1 guest bathroom with door
260HyltonHouseWelles 260
264HyltonHouseWelles 264