Andrea Hylton Home


Complete Gut Remodel  with Complete Turnkey Installation 

Size: 1300  Square Feet 

Location: Waterloo, Ontario

Completion: Early Winter 2023

Our newly-wed clients purchased this unit in a condo  building that is often referred to as one of the best built condo towers in Waterloo. And, despite a recent refresh, the unit did not appeal  to their design sensibilities, desired layout or desire for quality finishes. At over 1300’ the unit was spacious but very compartmentalized in a way that didn’t allow for full appreciation of the sweeping views offered by the large windows. The unit had also  previously been finished as a one and a half bath unit and their preference was for two full baths. Additionally, neither partner was a fan of the direct view into their private sanctum from the moment the entry door was opened, (which she informed us was very uncommon in her birth place, Australia).  Both love to cook and wanted to be able to engage their guests while doing so. She loves doing laundry and had hopes of converting the existing dark, lifeless laundry/storage room into a beautiful happy space to do so.  And finally, collectively they have many coats and shoes and handbags and for which they required beautiful/functional  and accessible storage. 

From the perspective of overall aesthetic, he tends to prefer a stark, more contemporary environment, while her preference was for something warmer and slightly more beachy.  Our task was to transform this dated unit into something that met these requirements while meeting the needs of each partner.